Parcours vita

Fabrice Gygi


Installation, 12 x (80 x 35 cm), 12 x (25 x 35 cm).
Materials: paint, metal

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK7310_M246).

In 2000, Fabrice Gygi designed his Parcours Vita, based on the well-known format of the fit-o-meters so familiar to anyone who has ever walked the regimented landscapes of Western Europe. An installation consisting of 12 printed metal signs that are mounted on the walls in different parts of the museum, the work entices the visitor to embark upon a highly unorthodox variation on the standard exhibition parcours, allowing for a more fully embodied experience of the exhibition spaces. The title of Gygi’s work ironically, subtly alludes to the covert militarization of our bodies in the entertainment industry, as well as to the disciplinary regimes which we so readily subject ourselves to by engaging in sports and other ‘cultural’ activities.

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