V–A–C Foundation and M HKA engage in a longer-term collaboration by supporting the work of contemporary Russian artists in a variety of way. V–A–C wants to enhance the presence of leading Russian artists, of different generations, in selected European museum collections. M HKA exhibits and collects works by artists from Russia and other countries of the former USSR. The museum focuses on ‘Eurasia’, thereby contributing to the geographic diversity of collecting and programming.


Experts: Svetlana Baskova, Evgenita Chaika, Julia Grachikova, Sergey Khachaturov, Vera Martynov, Victoria Mikhelson, Vladimir Nadein, Dmitry Renansky, Ekaterina Sharova, Maria Smirnova, Anna Tolstova, Dmitry Volkostrelov
Short list: Ian Ginsburg, Irina Korina, Ivan Novikov, North-7, Tima Radya
Invited jury member: Raimundas Malašauskas
Winner: North-7