V–A–C Foundation and M HKA engage in a longer-term collaboration by supporting the work of contemporary Russian artists in a variety of way. V–A–C wants to enhance the presence of leading Russian artists, of different generations, in selected European museum collections. M HKA exhibits and collects works by artists from Russia and other countries of the former USSR. The museum focuses on ‘Eurasia’, thereby contributing to the geographic diversity of collecting and programming.

Olga Jitlina

Jitlina requiem for a creative class 1 (c)video still: Olga Jitlina
Requiem for a Creative Class, 2014

‘Creacle’ is a Russian slang word for member of the creative class. A poet and writer Dmity Golinko is reading exerts from his essay reflecting on the ideas of Richard Florida on the shore of Finnish gulf in Saint Petersburg. A musician Sergey Igorevich Kuzmischev is trying to play cyber-cello floating in a coffin.

Music: Sergey Kuzmischev. Text: Dmitry Golynko. Translation: John Nicolson. Camera & editing: Dmitry Model. Boat-coffin: Victor Lubimtzev.