V–A–C Foundation and M HKA engage in a longer-term collaboration by supporting the work of contemporary Russian artists in a variety of way. V–A–C wants to enhance the presence of leading Russian artists, of different generations, in selected European museum collections. M HKA exhibits and collects works by artists from Russia and other countries of the former USSR. The museum focuses on ‘Eurasia’, thereby contributing to the geographic diversity of collecting and programming.

Ian Ginsburg

Reuse if necessary 1 (c)Ian Ginsburg
Reuse If Necessary, 2019
Installation , variable dimensions
ready made

The installation consists of four shovels on bicycle suspensions raised almost to the ceiling and three printed images of tire chains. The latter are taken from the Fiskars presentation made at the exhibition of the Soviet Import / Export of Industrial Goods in the early 1970s. Identical shovels are placed in between the images of the tires and installed perpendicular to the wall, thus leading to the problem of the Duchamp readymade.

The work serves as a conceptual scheme represeting a relationship betweens two types of objects – of the non-conformist art, on the one hand, and of the conformist art, on the other. "Shovels", which by their shape resemble a banner and are installed like a readymade, stand against conformist bulldozer wheels, which are printed on a carpet fabric and are hung on a wall. A schematic, formal confrontation of these two types of objects illustrates a historical event of 1971, the so-called “Bulldozer Exhibition”, which revealed a key problem of the Soviet culture at that time, that is the relations between the official and unofficial art in the USSR.