V–A–C Foundation and M HKA engage in a longer-term collaboration by supporting the work of contemporary Russian artists in a variety of way. V–A–C wants to enhance the presence of leading Russian artists, of different generations, in selected European museum collections. M HKA exhibits and collects works by artists from Russia and other countries of the former USSR. The museum focuses on ‘Eurasia’, thereby contributing to the geographic diversity of collecting and programming.

Ian Ginsburg

Ian ginsburg 4387
Genius’ Room. Aphorisms of Joseph Ginsburg, 2018
mixed media

In the project the artist explores the borders between the idealistic perception of how the life of the creator should be organized and bureaucratic prose of the everyday life. Originally, the idea of a room belonged to a homeless artist, philosopher and anarchist, Joseph Ginsburg (1938 – 2015), who shared it with Ian Ginsburg as gift 'for revealing extra powers of humanity'. Installation provides 144 portraits of 'geniuses' and filing cabinet of 62 personalities which Joseph Ginsburg was in touch with. Halls on the first floor present a unique memorial exposition, consisting of objects, which used to be kept in a special repository (box) when Joseph Ginsburg was alive. Some of these objects are authentic, while others were reproduced by Ian as a ductile forms. This exhibition is a second part (after The Mechanical Beetle exposition) of a series, dedicated to the analysis of Joseph Ginsburg’s life and formation of his personality.